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Nicole Zaagman lived as a believer for 25 years - but after years of disappointment her heart began to harden. Her earthly trials in her mid to late twenties encompassed loss of health, unexpected passing of loved ones and losing close connection to her immediate family after they moved 2,000 miles away and consequently she stopped trusting God. As a result, Nicole turned to “spiritual" and new age practices for answers. Realizing her values had been compromised with practices she had tacked on to truth found through the Bible, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, she recommitted her life to Jesus Christ in April, 2017 and gave up former beliefs and practices*. Through all her "life lessons", she encourages others to go from being spiritually lost to found, surrendering your G.P.S. (Gifts, Purpose and Security) to God to find wholeness, healing and most importantly, freedom.

*Any online or print references, posts, writings, endorsements or articles that contradict Nicole's born again Christian beliefs, are a part of her former life.


"I no longer believed I could trust God..."

Nicole Zaagman shares her story of making her way back to God, going from lost... to found.


Losing her health...

When Nicole Zaagman was 22, she experienced a health crisis - a significant hormone imbalance that resulted in cystic acne breakouts covering her entire face. After nothing seemed to work, turning to holistic therapies and changing her diet began to help. This was her introduction to the health and wellness industry and eventually the path that led Nicole to entrepreneurship.

It took Nicole nearly 4 years to recover her health, even though the physical wounds healed, the wounds inside stayed with her much longer than expected. Integrating exercise, writing, self-love, organic and paleo eating and Nicole's relationship with Jesus have been essential pieces in her healing journey. She's learned healing is like an onion, there are many layers you must go through. Think you've peeled them all back, God shows you, "There's more 'heart work' to be done."

Nicole at ada bible church: Found - surrender your G.P.S. (Gifts, Purpose & Security) to God

Experiencing loss...

At 24 years old, another life lesson took place in 2013 while Nicole worked at her last corporate position. One of Nicole's friends and creative teammates, passed away from an unexpected accident. Ben's passing was not without great gifts. Being an organ donor, Ben's legacy lives on as numerous lives were saved and impacted by his life. As a result of experiencing his gift first hand, Nicole encourages others to register as organ donors. In the last face-to-face conversation Nicole had with Ben, he told her if she wanted to follow her dream, she'd need to quit her day job and start her own business. He followed up that statement with, "You're a Rarity, Nicole." A moment and memory that has stuck with her since. 

Year of profound change...

Recent lessons took place from 2015-2016 when after 27 years, her entire immediate family and childhood home moved from Michigan, to California. Nicole experienced loss in many forms during that time. Her Maltese and certified therapy dog named Nickel (volunteered at a local hospital to bring smiles and love to patients) moved with her family after being diagnosed with a rare blood platelet disorder and in late 2016 crossed the rainbow bridge. The day before flying back from moving her childhood home over 2,000 miles away, her "adopted Michigan" grandfather passed away from cancer. 

Because of the hurt and discouragement Nicole had experienced over the year mentioned previously, she stopped trusting in God and let her relationship with Jesus fall to the wayside. She no longer believed God could be trusted and He became something she constructed from her own mind and imagination, a character far from the God found in the Bible. In time leading up to this experience, Nicole found herself learning about many "spiritual" and new age practices that do not match her current, born-again beliefs as a Christian and the faith of her childhood upbringing. 

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
— Romans 8:28

A little detour...

Nicole believed many of the teachings presented and engaged with individuals who solidified these concepts. Growing tired of the belief system she’d grown up with and longing for acceptance, she was ready for a change. This change was slow and steady, one deceptive bite at a time. In this process, Nicole believed she was fulfilling her life purpose and encountered supernatural experiences that were tangibly "more real" than what she'd known previous. Nicole now knows without a doubt she was deceived by the devil. Those experiences were real, demonic, strategic strategies devised to take her away from a Biblical relationship with Jesus Christ and the plan God had for her life.

For months, she sought further help and healing through Christian influences for much of the disappointment, trauma and spiritual deception she had experienced. Nicole was ready to move in a different direction and publicly recommitted her life to Jesus Christ in April, 2017. She asked forgiveness from the past and that the Lord would help her believe in only Him, again.


Learning to trust...

Even with re-commitment to Christ, Nicole's learned true freedom doesn't come overnight. Our choices have consequences and it takes time to unlearn, learned behavior. Nicole believes lasting freedom can only come through Jesus Christ as the exclusive source of spiritual influence in one's life. By studying the scriptures, prayer and discernment from the Holy Spirit, God has been faithful to point her in His direction for healing and freedom. 

God has shown Nicole His perspective for her life and the top 5 priorities she's to focus on to aid in bringing balance, joy and peace. Weeding out the opportunities, situations, relationships and lifestyle choices that were BIG distractions in pursuit of her dream has been a difficult but very rewarding process. Through it all God has been faithful as she's cut ties, gained Godly wisdom from the right influences and learned to trust in the Lord to see her through. 

After a grueling battle with her health in 2017, Nicole had to completely re-orient her life. She has stepped back from the "public" life she led prior, including: public appearances, networking, book signings, interviews and speaking engagements to focus on taking care of her health and mental well-being. While still working with a select few clients per month, in early 2018, she announced publicly she'd be joining forces with her husband Ken full-time as Marketing & Design Director for, Zaagman Home Remodeling. They are having a blast together and enjoy helping customers remodeling dreams come to life.

A new creation...

At 29, Nicole is focused, committed and dedicated to living out her God-given calling and allowing the Lord to lead her. Nicole's prayer is that her story and testimony will inspire and encourage others that it's never too late to let God lead your life, re-direct your story or believe in your dream. As her favorite verse states (Jeremiah 29:11), "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" Nicole believes in you, your dream and God does, too. 

"Step into the life you were born to lead™."