"I am so grateful to have met Nicole. Booking a marketing strategy session with her was exactly what I needed to navigate my path. Her inspiration and ability to assist with the technical pieces pulled it all together. I can't thank her enough for the tools, knowledge and experience she brought to our meeting to help me move forward. Highly recommend working with her if you want to dream big!"
 Amy Davis, Nontoxic Lifestyle coach


"First of all, I am thankful for an all knowing and gracious God that allowed our paths to cross, Nicole. You have opened my eyes to a long over due dream once dreamed and forgotten but now is being realized because of you. Thank you especially for your encouragement, your design and branding skills and everything to do with online knowledge as well." Julie Kay, Certified Color Expert & Interior Designer


"After spending WAY too many hours trying to figure out the technical side of starting my business, I decided to hire Nicole. I am so glad I came across her website when I was googling for female brand developers in Grand Rapids. Nicole is extremely efficient, talented, and creative. She totally nailed my vision for my logo after just a couple of short emails back and forth-I really couldn’t imagine liking it more. Nicole also helped me “clean-up” my website content and we were able to accomplish more in 2 hours together than I would have in 20 hours on my own. I would highly recommend working with Nicole so that you can reduce your tech stress and save your time and energy for carrying out your brand’s mission instead." — Kelsey Stricklen, Registered Dietician