Some beautiful flowers by my home I captured a few years ago :)

Some beautiful flowers by my home I captured a few years ago :)

Today I got a burst of inspiration and wanted to test out some new software recently purchased. After working many hours this past week, needed to regroup today and recharge. I decided to pick up my flute and play some music. As I go on to explain in the video, I've been recently playing my flute more after being encouraged to do so at a Christian conference I attended at Resurrection Life Church located in Grandville, Michigan a few weeks ago.

For one, music is a way to worship and celebrate the Lord and two, there are healing aspects to music, especially when God and the Holy Spirit are involved. In the Bible when David played the harp for King Saul, we learn that the evil spirit left him (1 Samuel 16:14-23). There was something to the music that David played and I've discovered this as well in my own life.

Sharing a pretty impromptu prayer and song the Lord gave me earlier today, loosely calling it "Freedom Song." Whatever you may be going through today, whatever healing you are waiting for, I hope this prayer and song blesses you today. May the Great Physician be with you, comfort you and bring restoration and healing to every aspect of your body, mind and soul.

"Freedom Song" tracks below, enjoy!


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