There are so many hurting right now. 

So many suffering through life challenges. I know so much of it can be overwhelming to know how to pray with ongoing difficulties. Please join me in lifting those up in our lives that are going through difficult times and strained seasons.

Father, God,
We come before you, asking for your swift and miraculous intervention. Lord, there are so many who are hurting, in pain, with needs who need your help. Lord, will you please step in to the brokenness of our loved ones, our friends and those we meet in passing. Would you show up in the mundane. In our lack of knowing exactly what to pray for and ask for, Lord stand in the gaps. Be with every person who needs healing, spiritually, financially and physically. Show up in a mighty way. Fulfill needs only you can fill, heal hearts and wounds only you can heal. Be with those going through unexpected and unimaginable grief. Be with those waiting for answers and for those trying to make sense of the pain their walking through. Comfort the lost and the discouraged. Revive their hearts, minds, bodies and souls and may you receive all the glory. In Jesus' name, amen.

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Nicole Zaagman loves Jesus, her high-school sweetheart, Ken and their pint sized Shih Tzu named Hadley. Zaagman is a born again believer, loves Jesus with all her heart and desires others to know the healing power a relationship with Him can bring. She is a full-time entrepreneur as Marketing & Design Director for Zaagman Home Remodeling and Brand & Design Expert of Nicole Zaagman Enterprises, LLC. Nicole is bestselling author to Bee BADASS and Brilliant and Rise Higher - Believe in Your Dream Cuz' No One Else Will. If this post has touched you, Nicole would love for you to share the link. If shared in any capacity please properly credit: An excerpt by Nicole Zaagman at May the Lord bless you!