Have you ever struggled with endurance? Not merely athletic performance but from the standpoint of living life? I know I have. Seasons that call for added energy, strength, courage and stamina.

In my book, Rise Higher - I compare believing in our God-given dream to that of running a race. In those seasons when our bodies and minds fail and when relationships fail us, is when we need help the most. It's in these grueling miles when asking for the Lord to step in and "run" for us is most vital. Inviting Jesus to be the strength of our endurance when our dream is dying and we've given up hope can be the "lifeline" that provides the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

In chapter 3, I feature my friend and Ryan D. Kelley. Ryan, myself and our families have been friends for several years now and I've so enjoyed observing the endurance and faith he's put in God to achieve his dream.

Making the leap to full-time entrepreneurship several years ago and not letting defeat, discouragement and outside forces completely deflate his endurance, Ryan has kept running. Despite years of wandering through the trenches, overcoming his own doubts and failures, Ryan has stepped in to his fulfilling dream of: God and family first and secondly. co-founding a successful real estate organization in West Michigan called, City2Shore. In the midst of the race your running today, here's a simple prayer to ask Jesus Christ to run along-side you and to provide endurance for the long miles ahead.

Dear Lord,
I confess that I’ve grumbled and complained when things haven’t gone my way. I’ve looked at the thorns around my dream
seed instead of cutting them down, these things that prevent my dreams from being realized. Help me to trust that You know how everything is going to come together, how You’ll use every experience and opportunity I face to teach me how to run my race of endurance. In Jesus’ name,amen.



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Nicole Zaagman loves Jesus, her high-school sweetheart, Ken and their pint sized Shih Tzu named Hadley. Zaagman is a born again believer, loves Jesus with all her heart and desires others to know the healing power a relationship with Him can bring. She is a full-time entrepreneur as Marketing & Design Director for Zaagman Home Remodeling and Brand & Design Expert of Nicole Zaagman Enterprises, LLC. Nicole is bestselling author to Bee BADASS and Brilliant and Rise Higher - Believe in Your Dream Cuz' No One Else Will. If this post has touched you, Nicole would love for you to share the link. If shared in any capacity please properly credit: An excerpt by Nicole Zaagman at May the Lord bless you!