It's easy to confuse our plans and earthly success as our own doing. Fortunately, God is merciful and allows us to steep in our own "security," until we realize our need for His help in our lives.

Jesus desires to be the "soul" influence of your life.

Our Father knows exactly how He crafted and created you and the mighty works He has planned for you long before you might ever have an idea what your "dream" looks like. Our God is a God of second, third and fourth chances and can work ANYTHING in your past towards the destiny He's hand crafted for you.

Relinquishing our control and placing our dream, tasks and destiny in His hands is the most important "success strategy" we could ever execute. Please enJOY the prayer below found at the end of chapter 1 (Destiny) of my new book, Rise Higher - Believe in Your Dream Cuz' No One Else Will (Order on Amazon).

Featured in chapter 1 is friend and fellow Spring Arbor University graduate, Jacob Atem. As a survivor/Lost Boy from Sudan, part of Jacob's God given dreams and destiny is to continue operations at the clinic he's co-founded in South Sudan. Consider giving a donation at their website and learn more about their work, here.

Dear Lord,
I thank you for blessing me with the gift of my life. I confess that I often take for granted the miracle that I am. I confess that I often focus on misery. Please help me to trust and know that you have created me for more, for greatness. Please help me to see my destiny from your perspective, and provide ideas and creativity to get me from where I find myself today to where you want me to be tomorrow. I thank you in advance for the work you are doing in my life in order to be of service to others. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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Nicole Zaagman loves Jesus, her high-school sweetheart, Ken and their pint sized Shih Tzu named Hadley. Zaagman is a born again believer, loves Jesus with all her heart and desires others to know the healing power a relationship with Him can bring. She is a full-time entrepreneur as Marketing & Design Director for Zaagman Home Remodeling and Brand & Design Expert of Nicole Zaagman Enterprises, LLC. Nicole is bestselling author to Bee BADASS and Brilliant and Rise Higher - Believe in Your Dream Cuz' No One Else Will. If this post has touched you, Nicole would love for you to share the link. If shared in any capacity please properly credit: An excerpt by Nicole Zaagman at May the Lord bless you!