Nicole Zaagman

Jesus Follower, Wife, Dog Mom, Husband/Wife Home Remodeling Duo, Author 🌟 Jeremiah 29:11 🙏

Former multi-faceted entrepreneur and design expert, my life now reflects the slower pace of life I now enJOY. Today, my husband Ken and I remodel houses and we LOVE working together. My desire and prayer is to share how letting Jesus Christ in to my life restore{d} not only my broken heart, but also my home & health.

Raised in a Christian home, my relationship with Christ waned in my mid-twenties after years of unexpected challenges and disappointments. Thankfully, after being brought to my knees with severe and unexplained health challenges (diagnosed in 2018 with a thyroid condition) Jesus NEVER gave up on me. In 2017, I publicly recommitted my life to Him during an altar call at a church in West Michigan and to symbolize this commitment, was re-baptized at Ada Bible Church in 2018.

Jesus has been faithful in every challenge and carried me through some incredibly difficult seasons. He has taken me from a seeking, self-help perfectionist, "spiritual" and new age enthusiast to embracing Him as the most important "thing" in my life. While this journey has not been easy, following Jesus is the greatest decision I've made in my life and has brought me such peace, freedom and contentment.

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