If you're interested in submitting your letter, there are a few things to note and consider:

1. These letters are to be written anonymously. No reference to first or last name, or distinguishable connection to whom your letter is intended to may be included. 

2. Letters must be 2200 words or less. We will be featuring 22 letters :) Please refrain from including pictures in your submission.

3. Come from love. Any entries demeaning another party or speaking negatively or rudely towards the other will not be considered. Feel free to share your honest feelings, but use discretion. 

4. Life lessons. Consider including: what you learned as a result from this connection. How it has served you over your lifetime, made you a better person, caused you to grow, etc. 

5. Release. If we select your letter for the book project or future collaborations, we will notify you and require a signed release for use of the material. 

Happy writing!

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Submission suggestions:

Use dropbox or Google docs to upload your letter and share the direct link with the form submission above. 

If you're unable to send us a direct link to your letter, collaborate on the project or have questions, please send an email to: lovelostlettersbook [at] gmail [dot ] com