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Michigan entrepreneur, Nicole Zaagman shares strategies from her own journey towards creating success in her new book, Bee BADASS and Brilliant. A Holistic Guide to Create Success on Your Terms with Inner Peace and Confidence, Zaagman highlights the dwindling honeybee population and effects on global agriculture encouraging others to help save the bees. Readers are invited to ponder what's truly keeping them from living the life they want and take action on distractions preventing them from moving forward.


In the quest to create success, Nicole Zaagman began asking the question above. In her research, she discovered two things preventing us from living a BADASS and Brilliant life. First, she discovered that when there was a lack of inner peace, people believed success to be unattainable. This kind of thinking thwarts individuals from moving forward. Furthermore, these beliefs stem from an inability to silence negative self-doubt. When we avoid our problems, operating under the illusion that somehow it’s better to not face the noise, we end up keeping to ourselves, pushing away the things that would bring us peace, fulfillment, and ultimately, success.

Secondly, Zaagman learned that these individuals felt it was better to rely on someone or something to make decisions regarding living the life they desired, rather than trust the voice inside themselves. Bottom line, we often look to everything and everyone else over placing that confidence within ourselves. Instead of cultivating and claiming everything we feel we must do, we allow others to paint the picture of our future for us. From the cradle to the grave, we choose to focus on what other people want for our lives, our careers, our relationships, and in process we disconnect ourselves from our own beliefs and convictions.

Written from a holistic perspective, Zaagman highlights the dwindling honeybee population and its effects on global agriculture, and by doing so she encourages others to help save the bees. From her own journey, Nicole shares the strategies that helped to create success on her own terms. Readers are invited to discover what works for them, and step into a BADASS and Brilliant life—the life they know they were born to lead. Whether you’re a Millennial, entrepreneur, business professional, individual in the midst of transition, or a stay at home parent, if you’re ready to live passionately and think for yourself, this book is a must! 


This book is such an easy read, captured my attention from the beginning! Nicole has impressed me beyond belief with insight, wisdom, confidence and success, especially for how young she is! Amazing and such a mentor and someone to look up to for others. I cannot wait to pick up and start reading again!
— Angela Denison, Mother, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Denison Group
I have followed a very VERY inspirational, outgoing and career driven woman Nicole Zaagman for years now. She has lifted the spirits, moral and confidence of so many people and continues to grow. Through hard work and dedication, she has managed to accomplish so many things and it has been an absolute joy watching this young woman’s career take off. She has recently written Bee BADASS and Brilliant and I believe this book will enlighten many and give readers the confidence to be successful in anything they do. Go check it out!
— Josh Robinson, Army Veteran, Father & Business Professional
Nicole, so far I am very impressed by your writing skills. The book is so easy to read, and just hummmms along like a Passion Bee, to pollinate and Inspire the world. And I am just on page 18. Going back to Reading!
— Julie Phillips, Holistic Health Activist, Mom & Grandmother
5 stars!! Nicole is a personal friend of mine and she has inspired and encouraged me through the many years to be the best me I can be. She is truly Badass and Brilliant.
— Sarah Christensen, Licensed Cosmotologist, Wife & Mom
Nicole is a wonderful friend and now author. Not only is Nicole passionate as holistic coach, you feel her passion for you to BEE BADASS AND BRILLIANT throughout her book. She makes obtaining the life we want a feasible and possible goal and not just a dream. Excellent writing.
— Crystal Lee, Pain Coach, Founder of Seeking Joy With Chronic Pain
‘Bee’ yourself! We all work hard buzzing around everyday trying to do what is best for ourselves. Coming back to the hive every night, we often have time to reflect on what was “sweet” that day with your “honey”. And Nicole reminds us that when we are badass (passionate) and brilliant (ability to think for ourselves) do we get the most from life and puts us in a better position to make a bigger difference for the colony of other people in our lives.
— Anthony Tenaglier, Author of: The Impression of a Good Life, Philosophical Engineer
Wise beyond her years, Nicole Zaagman challenges to you to rethink everything you’ve always known. Not in a bad way either. What if we all could so easily define our own success? In our own terms? And, walk it out with inner peace and confidence? Thanks for making this journey happen for us Nicole! Look forward to more wisdom in future books!!!
— Amazon Customer
Having known this “Badass and Brilliant” woman since the day she drew her first breath, I may be a bit biased, but she is amazing. From the very first intro to the end of the book, Nicole challenges one to go beyond their felt “borders”, live in the moment and in the purpose you were endowed by your Creator. You will not be disappointed.
— Jennifer Praniewicz, Customer Service Professional, Wife & Mom
What a beautiful book, brimming with brilliance, badassness and big ideas! A wonderfully refreshing and artfully written guide to living a more purposeful and soulful life. Take the obvious next step toward beeing your best self and dive into this gem of a book!
— James Woeber, Co-Founder of The Art of Heartful Living