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What's this blog series all about? Let me satiate your curiosity :) I decided as part of my book launch campaign to feature 28 holistic souls - 1 every day leading up to my 28th birthday on December 8th, which is also the official launch date.

Whoop whoop! So pumped to feature Dr. Devan Arman in conjunction with the Bee BADASS and Brilliant Blog Series. Dr. Devan and I connected through my personal Chiropractor, Dr. Erik Kolwalke (of Higher Health Chiropractic) and Chiropractic Mentorship program, Amped leader, Dr. Michael Viscarelli (founder of Adio Chiropractic). So honored to work with both of these incredible Doctors and more in 2016 on some pretty amazing projects! Dr. Devan has been a LUX CHIX client for a good chunk of 2016, and our relationship has turned in to a fun and inspiring friendship as well.

Founder of Unity Chiropractic in Franklin, Tennessee, Devan is noooo wimp when it comes to living his passion and thinking for himself. He opened his chiropractic practice when he was 25 years old! Talk about driven. Together, we've launched an affordable,  monthly social media subscription service for Chiropractors, called, Chiropractic Unity. Every month, subscribers are delivered quality social media and video content to use on a daily basis to build their practices online! The results have been phenomenal. It's been such fun working with Dr. Devan and putting together the social content each month for the Chiropractic Unity subscribers. 

We will be rolling out another brand in the next month for like-minded hustlers, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are daily getting their "grind on." I cannot wait to roll this one out, it's going to be epic and an online platform for motivation and inspiration. Dr. Devan, thanks for sharing your insights and thoughts with us today with this interview. Super grateful to you and for being such a great collaborator and colleague to work with. Looking forward to 2017 and beyond and all the incredible things that are to come!


1. Nicole's definition of BADASS and Brilliant encompass: passion and thinking for yourself. First, what is your passion? Second, can you share one example of how your passion has guided you to think for yourself?

1) Passion is the single most important thing in order to move forward! It is investing yourself emotionally and moving in the direction of where your heart is and where your efforts will go. If someone has passion and work ethic, they can out work anyone with talent. Passion is the best energy source for success and it is a NECESSITY in the recipe of being a badass in your field. 

2) Leading with passion is what led me to my Chiropractic career.

2. Nicole choose to highlight the dwindling honeybee population and its affects on the aspect of global agriculture and human existence. No bees, no food. No food, well? You get the picture. What's one holistic cause you would like to bring more awareness to?

The one holistic cause that I dedicate my passion towards is Chiropractic. Not only is it important for people to seek holistic care, but it is paramount to look into the single most important protective structure to the central control system of the entire body. Think about it, the brain tells everything what to do, right? RIGHT! And how does it send its messages? By passing through the spinal cord and exiting out of every single vertebra in your spine, like an interstate to highway system! Now if you have misalignments in your spine, it acts as if there is traffic jam right on the exit lanes decreasing the messages from the brain, down the spinal cord, and out to every muscle, organ, and function! This creates the aches, pains, and dysfunctions of the body! Chiropractic is so much more than a back thing, it’s a brain thing, and it's anatomy! If we took care of the spine from a preventative perspective like we do our teeth, that would make such an impact on our health! 

3. Nicole suggests in order to create success on your terms, one must develop two fundamental skill-sets: inner peace and confidence. What technique or practice do you recommend to develop inner peace? Lastly, what's your definition of confidence? 

1) Inner peace is difficult, but inner peace can be acquired by not creating balance but creating harmony instead. What that means is when an individual tries to balance life, there is more of a juggling effort in time. However, when harmony is created there are simultaneous effects that create peace. Take time to start your day with a plan of action in order to create harmony so each part of the puzzle can focus on its own actions.

2) Confidence is the vision of knowing the process to the product while practicing relevant experience with a focus on the factors you can control. 

Often, confidence is often looked at as something someone is born with, an attribute that can make or break situations. However, Confidence is NOT something you are born with… it is developed. With confidence, there are specific factors that we must focus on to truly be confident without being arrogant. They break down into three commonalities.

The first is relevant experience, this is so important because in order to do something confidently it takes time and repetition of experience. This experience allows us to perform an action as if we had done it thousands of times. This experience does not have to always be in the field or in practical situations, it can be through rehearsing, role playing, and practice. They say that opportunity rarely coincides with your preparation, so the question you must ask yourself is ‘are you practicing for performance?’ and will you be prepared when the opportunity comes.

Another commonality that is necessary for confidence is the ability to focus on the things you can control and not the things you can’t. For example, the economy could be down and could be a factor of growth for your business, but you can’t control the economy. What you can control is your efforts towards succeeding. Someone who focuses on the economy in which they cannot control will not be confident in their business. Someone who focuses on their own efforts to grow their business will be successful and confident.  

The most important and underestimated one is vision. Everybody has some sort of vision, to have a successful business or be a professional athlete, a doctor, an actor, or even a millionaire. What separates all visions is defining the process to the product. Everyone can vision a product or dream, but someone who knows their process including the good, the bad, or the awareness of the unexpected will be able to predict their path to success, thus creating more confidence.

So grateful to feature 28 other BADASS and Brilliant souls!

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