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What's this blog series all about? Let me satiate your curiosity :) I decided as part of my book launch campaign to feature 28 holistic souls - 1 every day leading up to my 28th birthday on December 8th, which is also the official launch date.

One of the things I love the most about my life is all of the incredible people I've had the opportunity to meet along the way. Dr. Deborah Sandella has been one of those beautiful souls. We had the privilege of connecting through the Evolutionary Business Council's Detroit retreat in August. Her warm presence and loving countenance lit up the whole room. When Dr. Deborah took the stage, I had no idea what to expect. As she began to share from her own personal journey and how she developed the technique RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory), little did I know the effect the following few minutes would have on me. I decided right then and there to go all in, with both feet.

Dr. Deborah proceeded to lead us through a beautiful healing and insightful meditation. I was able to identify within my body where I was experiencing trauma and pain - my heart. I could see what was going on and in those moments, felt into the pain and the visual image that had come up to address what needed to be worked on. I experienced a rapid series of images and scenarios after I mentally, emotionally and physically cleared what needed to be cleared. It was exciting, invigorating and an experience that truly had a mighty impact on my life. Almost a mini re-birthing of itself - I came away from that experience and retreat with the resolve to pen Bee BADASS and Brilliant. Dr. Deborah has recently written a book called Goodbye, Hurt & Pain, I've purchased a copy and highly recommend it and her technique. Thank you so much Dr. Deborah for taking the time to share your wisdom and thoughts with us today. Please also take some time to connect with her at her beautiful website:


1. Nicole's definition of BADASS and Brilliant encompass: passion and thinking for yourself. First, what is your passion? Second, can you share one example of how your passion has guided you to think for yourself?

1) My passion is spreading the word that our “Feelings are Smarter than We Think!”  In other words, we have a brilliant emotional operating system that can help us manage any hurt and pain effectively. We just haven’t understood how it works—Until now. Once we understand how to use it, life becomes easier than we’ve thought possible.

2) As I discovered how emotionally smart we really are, I’ve been teaching others how to turn on their emotional brilliance. This passion has lead me to develop a specific technique RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) to help us activate our inherent resourcefulness and resilience. In order to create RIM, I had to set aside what I’d been taught was possible or impossible and see what showed up from clients. It’s been amazing to witness that healing can go deeper and quicker than I could have imaged.   

2. Nicole choose to highlight the dwindling honeybee population and its affects on the aspect of global agriculture and human existence. No bees, no food. No food, well? You get the picture. What's one holistic cause you would like to bring more awareness to?

We have been choosing to be a left brain dominated culture, which diminishes our appreciation of the creative right brain. Rather, whole brain function uses the right brain as the visionary and the left brain is in charge of executive and administrative functions. As Dr. Jonas Salk who discovered the polio vaccine summarizes, “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” In research at the Centre for the Mind, Sydney Australia, a thinking cap was created that quieted the left brain, so the right brain could be heard. People solved problems 30% faster when they were wearing the thinking cap.

3. Nicole suggests in order to create success on your terms, one must develop two fundamental skill-sets: inner peace and confidence. What technique or practice do you recommend to develop inner peace? Lastly, what's your definition of confidence? 

1) I have been meditating for 20 years. This practice has expanded my capacity to hold conflict and pain in a peaceful container. I highly recommend practicing a form of meditation that works with your personality. Some people love guided and sitting meditation. Others are more physically oriented and use freeform dance or yoga moves to access the space between our thoughts. I recommend you put aside any rules about meditating and do what works for you. I personally love to call in my virtual resources and then meditate with abandon releasing any need for structure.

2) An interesting question—more complicated than it appears! My definition of confidence is an established compassion for self and others such that we can freely risk telling the truth, trying new things, and making mistakes. Includes a sincere willingness to express and listen.

So grateful to feature 28 other BADASS and Brilliant souls!

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