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What's this blog series all about? Let me satiate your curiosity :) I decided as part of my book launch campaign to feature 28 holistic souls - 1 every day leading up to my 28th birthday on December 8th, which is also the official launch date.

Drum roll, please! Please meet Courtney Bishop! Courtney and I met earlier in 2016 as a result of the monthly meetup mastermind I co-host called Young & Restless. Right away I was struck by Courtney's passion for life and dedication to something I’d not known very much about prior: Powerlifting! She's just one of those bubbly, positive people you want to spend more time around.

As our relationship continued to develop, I enjoyed reading articles Courtney would write for her blog and learning more about her Powerlifting competitions. In our early discussions we tossed out ideas to co-blog and as a result, the idea came for this blog series! So thank you Courtney for being so BADASS and Brilliant. Without you, so many inspirational souls and messages would not be featured.

Sharing a quote from her recent article, What Matters to You? "When you can be honest with yourself and liberate yourself from the suffering and things which are holding you back, you will begin to feel so alive. This is living true to oneself. And only you know your truth. Pursue your authenticity." Right on Courtney! Please take some time to check out Courtney's thought provoking website:


1. Nicole's definition of BADASS and Brilliant encompass: passion and thinking for yourself. First, what is your passion? Second, can you share one example of how your passion has guided you to think for yourself?

1) Strength. I am not a huge fan of the word passion because I think that our passions can change over time so rather than pursuing a passion, I think we should continue to follow what we're curious about because that is where we will be most passionate. For me, my "passion" began with strength training and fitness. I loved the feeling strength training gave me, sense of accomplishment and empowerment, and I continued to practice the discipline. Through strength training, I realized how this new state of mind I achieved affected me in areas like my mental and emotional strength as well. Once I made this connection, I started to become curious about how our psychological health was related to physical health and I developed an interest in helping people build emotional intelligence through strength training with the end goal being to develop a healthy state of well being. Essentially, I love to help people become empowered to realize their own potential.

2) In pursuing physical strength (my fitness journey) I realized there was a lot of misinformation in the fitness industry of how to properly strength train and lose weight in a sustainable manner. Once I started educating myself and digging into this topic, I learned how to think for myself by finding credible information and not just accepting "this is the way you do it because it's what everyone else has done." This mindset then expanded to other areas outside of just fitness. I also realized throughout educating myself how much building physical strength affects your confidence in other areas, like mental and emotional strength too. This realization helped me to understand that I can think for myself and how others perceive and define me, isn't how I have to define myself or what I have to identify with. I create what I identify with.

2. Nicole choose to highlight the dwindling honeybee population and its affects on the aspect of global agriculture and human existence. No bees, no food. No food, well? You get the picture. What's one holistic cause you would like to bring more awareness to?

Climate change. We have to be aware of the damage we are doing to the environment we came from. If we fail to be more conscious of how our actions affect the environment, our future generations will pay and that is the most selfish thing we can do. If we continue to stay ignorant to this issue and pretend it is not happening, we are denying the truth of the situation and are only doing a disservice to future societies.

3. Nicole suggests in order to create success on your terms, one must develop two fundamental skill-sets: inner peace and confidence. What technique or practice do you recommend to develop inner peace? Lastly, what's your definition of confidence? 

1) Writing and reflection. I often contemplate what I am thinking about and am very introspective. I analyze situations to make rational decisions rather than emotionally react to scenarios. I also assess where my strengths and weaknesses are to use them to my advantage. This helps me to accept myself for who I am rather than beat myself up for areas which I could improve upon. It's a practice of analyzing and accepting but also personal development to progress in areas I lack to reach a more peaceful state of being. I experiment and use logic, but also stay in touch with what I feel within my heart to satisfy my well being. I basically use this method to become selfless and try to look at situations from a variety of angles to get outside my own mind and come up with new perspectives.

2) My definition of confidence is: empowerment through mastery. Find a skill to improve upon and practice this until you have a good understanding. When you master something, you will build confidence and feel empowered through it. This empowered feeling will manifest into other areas of your life as long as you continue to practice. Once you have a good understanding of something and confidence, you can then help to educate others in becoming masters as well. Positive self talk is also helpful in this pursuit of skill development/empowerment.

So grateful to feature 28 other BADASS and Brilliant souls!

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