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What's this blog series all about? Let me satiate your curiosity :) I decided as part of my book launch campaign to feature 28 holistic souls - 1 every day leading up to my 28th birthday on December 8th, which is also the official launch date.

I am honored to feature my friend Anthony today. Anthony and I met on a whim at a retreat in Detroit, Michigan. It was a truly transformational event hosted by the Evolutionary Business Council, an international organization for leaders and global thought changers. 

As I sat next to Anthony at a round table, I was so fascinated by his work and a term I had never heard before, "philosophical engineering." He went on to share part of his story, how he'd climbed the corporate ladder, done all the "things" you were supposed to do and yet, it wasn't who he knew he was born to be. As he shared about his book, The Impression of a Good Life - I couldn't help but feel we were more than kindred spirits!

Anthony, thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and insights. I took away so much from what you shared, I am sure others will too. Please take time to learn more about Anthony and his BADASS and Brilliant book by visiting this website:


1. Nicole's definition of BADASS and Brilliant encompass: passion and thinking for yourself. First, what is your passion? Second, can you share one example of how your passion has guided you to think for yourself?

1) Philosophical Engineering, designing a life worth living. Clarifying what people "need" to work towards in life. Passion is like polishing a piece of grit as an oyster would to make a pearl. There is a constant grind to make something beautiful.

2) The persistence of finishing my book that took 6.5 years to develop as it symbolized a radical shift in my life. The realization of my unique thinking thumb print, a map of my continual experiences, what I needed and valued in life, and what I wanted to work towards becoming.

2. Nicole chose to highlight the dwindling honeybee population and its affects on the aspect of global agriculture. No bees, no food. No food, well? You get the picture. What's one holistic cause you would like to bring more awareness to?

The rise of presentism today. e.g. caring about what we decide to do today and not really thinking about the lives we might affect in the future as a consequence of our decisions today. (e.g. rise of narcissism, global warming, raising children, etc.) It's OK to be thinking about how to love yourself, but one needs to remember their thoughts float in the pool of humanity.

3. Nicole suggests in order to create success on your terms, one must develop two fundamental skill-sets: inner peace and confidence. What technique or practice do you recommend to develop inner peace? Lastly, what's your definition of confidence? 

1) Being present and mindful in anything and everything I do. Inner peace isn't just about sitting in a lotus position with mudras! Too often we get distracted and can barely focus for more than 5 minutes on one thing. The practice of developing inner peace is to slow your mind down and be present. It can be in the forms of simply driving your car, brushing your teeth, or even running marathons.

2) Confidence is not just about developing positive self-esteem, but positive self control. Self esteem is not a good word choice today as most Millennials will attest they know to love themselves before others. And so to overcome a possibility of why there is a greater rise in depression today, despite this image of positive self esteem, is to develop self-control. To become aware of what I call a person's "expectation card" and to begin to speculate what another person's card might look like. Knowing what we expect, allows us to better control and manage our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. 

It's never good luck that brings success, but good "skill."

So grateful to feature 28 other BADASS and Brilliant souls!

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Nicole Zaagman

NICOLE ZAAGMAN is the creator of the Discovering Your Brand Story® Program, founder of LUX CHIX™ and host of the LUX CHIX™ Radio Show. Empowering other health conscious WONDER WOMEN to LOVERAGE™ their past experiences to impact present and future SUCCESS, attract IDEAL CLIENTS & follow their DREAMS is what she does best. She is a caring and creative individual at heart. Her experience working as a graphic and digital designer, starting a professional photography studio with her mother and creating her first business at age 22 all culminated together to express her purpose as the Luxury Image Director. With the self discovery she obtained after going through a health crisis in her early twenties, NICOLE now enjoys helping others use their own experiences to cultivate confidence and achieve success. Her mission is for others to value themselves, and realize what they have done really does matter. And furthermore, teach them in order to be successful they must be willing to share their experience with the world. NICOLE and her husband Ken reside in West Michigan with their Maltese dog, Nickel.