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What's this blog series all about? Let me satiate your curiosity :) I decided as part of my book launch campaign to feature 28 holistic souls - 1 every day leading up to my 28th birthday on December 8th, which is also the official launch date.

My soul is singing to introduce you to dear client and friend, Anna Oginsky. Anna and I connected earlier in 2016 at one of her beautiful art events in Michigan. Anna is one of those people you just want in your life. She's strong, courageous, empathetic, caring and obviously beauty-gorgeous! Her golden bracelet says it all, "goddess" :) Anna is an incredible teacher, artist and author. Her first book, My New Friend Grief, is an incredible book, written from the depths of her heart - sharing the journey she experienced after her father passed away unexpectedly.

Anna and I got to know each other even more this year as she graciously trusted her re-brand to LUX CHIX. Together, we created a beautiful logo, marketing materials and a website to reflect her soulful work. I've also had the privilege of working alongside her and her amazing husband, Dan on another branding project - which I cannot wait to help them reveal in the coming weeks. Anna, thank you so much for sharing and contributing to this blog series, your light shines so bright, and I am incredibly thankful you're in my life. Please take some time to review her work and inspirational art retreats at her website at:


1. Nicole's definition of BADASS and Brilliant encompass: passion and thinking for yourself. First, what is your passion? Second, can you share one example of how your passion has guided you to think for yourself?

1) I am one of those multi-passionate people so there are many! My passion in work and in life really is in the intersection of creativity, spirituality, and connection or community, so that could be a lot of different things, but for the sake of this question, I'll say my passion (and my calling) is writing. I've kept a journal since I was about 11 years-old (I'm 43 now) and it has always been the place where I go to try to make sense of what's happening around me and inside me. Well, except for several years during high school and college where now that I think about it, I was completely out of touch with myself and, consequently, wasn't really thinking for myself.

2) I think the process of emptying thoughts, feelings, and events into writing is a powerful tool for helping me to think for myself. Writing helps me figure out what I care most about and what is just background noise in my life. When I'm in touch with what matters most to me, I feel more confident and at ease in the choices I make about what I'm thinking, saying, and doing. 

2. Nicole chose to highlight the dwindling honeybee population and its affects on the aspect of global agriculture. No bees, no food. No food, well? You get the picture. What's one holistic cause you would like to bring more awareness to?

I would LOVE to bring more awareness to how stress is impacting our lives. We are under constant attack from our environments, each other, and our own inner voices and expectations of ourselves and it is all contributing to illness and inflammation in our bodies. Our bodies weren't designed to take in all the data we are trying to integrate each day. Additionally, when we are always on the go and under siege, we have no time to process what we're experiencing and we internalize our emotions (this is probably more true for women). Unfelt or unprocessed experiences are stored in our bodies and that also contributes to stress, anxiety, and depression. We need to SLOW DOWN and give ourselves more time to simply be. Breathe. Eat good food. Move our bodies joyfully. Life was meant to be enjoyed. Let's not miss it!

3. Nicole suggests in order to create success on your terms, one must develop two fundamental skill-sets: inner peace and confidence. What technique or practice do you recommend to develop inner peace? Lastly, what's your definition of confidence? 

1) I recommend yoga for inner peace. Not crazy, super high aerobic cardio workout yoga either, but slow and stretchy yoga that allows for time and space to integrate mind, body, and spirit. A moving meditation that allows you to be present in your body while also making space for Spirit. Hatha, restorative, and yin yoga are great for developing inner peace. Yoga Nidra is incredible! Kirtan (chanting) is very uplifting, but it's not for everyone. And there are so many other kinds of yoga too so just about anyone should be able to find something that works for them. 

2) My definition of confidence. Yikes. Good question. Confidence is trust in oneself or another entity. I also think there is an element of faith - of maybe not being entirely sure of an outcome, but knowing you can trust that the process will get you where you need to be.

So grateful to feature 28 other BADASS and Brilliant souls!

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