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Many of you know me as the "LUX CHIX" and holistic branding coach behind the innovative creative agency. My featured services include branding, graphic design, marketing strategy, coaching, visibility and website development.

In 2016, it became clear part of my God given destiny was to teach and share the revelations He'd gifted over the course of my lifetime as a result of the trials experienced and lessons learned along the way. 

My first book, Bee BADASS and Brilliant released in December 2016 addressed the question, what keeps us from living the life we want? Summarized, there is often a huge disconnect between who we "think" we are and where we "want" to be.

The book is centered on developing inner peace by living through the passion God has gifted each of us and cultivating confidence based on placing trust in the life He's called us to live - readers are encouraged to make changes towards the life of their dreams.

My second book, Rise Higher - Believe in Your Dream Cuz' No One Else Will is scheduled to be released November 2017. This book is a biblical, faith based perspective on what it takes to pursue one's dream, overcome obstacles and heal from distractions that arise along the way.

Focusing on the word "Rise" and it's definition meaning "restored to new life" - the theme verse for the Rise Higher is Isaiah 40:31. Readers are encouraged to overcome cycles of unbelief robbing them of their confidence, highest potential and God given dream.

Success is Defined by the Journey within You! 


"I knew I had to live life differently..."

Nicole Zaagman shares her struggle with overcoming debilitating anxiety.


"I no longer believed I could trust God..."

Nicole Zaagman shares her story of making her way back to God, going from lost... to found.

Nicole Zaagman helps clients
step into the life they were born to lead™.


Losing my confidence...

When I was 22, I experienced a health crisis that left me very un-confident as it affected the physical appearance of my face (see video above or read full story is in Bee BADASS and Brilliant). After nothing seemed to work, turning to holistic and integrative therapies began to help. This was my introduction to the health and wellness industry and how I developed my niche working with holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs via LUX CHIX.

It took nearly 4 years to recover my health, even though the physical wounds healed, the wounds inside stayed with me much longer than expected. Integrating yoga, prayer journaling, writing, self-love practices, organic and paleo eating and deepening my relationship with Jesus have all been essential pieces in my healing journey. I've learned healing is often like an onion, there are many layers you must go through. Think you've peeled them all back, God often has a way of showing you, "nope, there's more 'heart work' to be done."

Experiencing loss...

My second "lesson" took place in 2013 while working at my last corporate position. One of my friends and creative teammates, named Ben, passed away from an unexpected accident. It shocked so many of us not only because of the suddenness of the situation, but because he was so young. In the last face-to-face conversation I had with him, he told me if I wanted to follow my dreams, I'd need to quit my job and go start my own business. He followed up that statement with, "You're a Rarity, Nicole." One of those moments that stick with you for a lifetime.

A little detour...

My most recent "lesson" took place in 2015 when my entire immediate family moved cross country, to San Diego, California. My Maltese and certified therapy dog named Nickel moved there as well after being diagnosed with a rare blood platelet disorder and in late 2016 crossed the rainbow bridge. Among-st other things, the day before flying back from moving my childhood home over 2,000 miles away, my "adopted Michigan" grandfather passed away from cancer. In years leading up to this detour, I'd found myself involved in many "spiritual" practices that do not align with my present, born-again beliefs as a Christian. For those who have followed me online and seen a drastic shift, the following will explain why.

From late 2011 and onward, I "unknowingly" found myself dabbling in practices that I never experienced in my Christian up-bringing. The concepts were interesting, subtle and I was curious. I had grown tired of the belief system I’d grown up with and after many trying years of disappointment, I was ready for a change. It wasn’t overnight, it was slow and steady, one bite at a time. With each “tasty” morsel, I believed I was becoming wise in my own eyes. I was deceived and believed may occult and spiritual practices. I connected with, befriended, communicated with and hired coaches and mentors who I believed at the time were speaking truth to me.

They taught me to trust my intuition, to speak my truth and to find meaning in life through supernatural experiences. Everything from Feng Shui, tarot card readings, spiritual workshops and conferences, readings from psychics, law of attraction, manifesting and “spiritual” advisers. My language changed, the way I spoke about life encompassed “oneness,” finding the divine in all things, synchronicity and other means. My “spiritual practice” was  expanded to seeking spirituality and purpose from creation instead of the one Creator and through Jesus. My mind became overcome with thoughts and beliefs that were unhealthy, our home became a place of terror for a time as I’d unknowingly opened the door to some very dark forces.

After more than 12 months of feeling like life's joy had been squeezed out of my heart, I spent months questioning what I was doing with my life and career. I wondered if my dreams were really attainable and if I was worthy of success. I found myself going through waves and waves of anxiety, unable to trust my own decisions or that God had a plan. For months, I sought further help and healing for much of the disappointment, trauma and confusion I had experienced. I strengthened my faith, publically recommitted my life to Christ in April 2017, asked forgiveness of the past, asked the Lord to help me in my unbelief and enrolled in a 3 month neurofeedback program with state-of-the-art brain performance center in Michigan called Neurocore

Learning to trust...

Even with all the above, I've learned healing doesn't come overnight. In 3 years of being an entrepreneur and over the course of my life, I've experienced my fair share of difficulty, setbacks, disappointment, failure and discouragement. I've wrestled between what I want to do and where God is calling me. I've waffled on setting priorities and balancing work and home life. I've lost sleep over what clients to work with and projects to take on and which ones to say "no thank you" to. I've found myself in situations, relationships and lifestyle choices that were BIG wake up calls and learning lessons. Through it all God has been faithful as I've learned to trust Him to see me through. 

After being "diagnosed" with overactive adrenal glands in November 2017, I've had to completely re-orient my life, focus on my priorities and truly lean in to my relationship with Jesus to trust this difficult experience to Him. After struggling for many months with chronic insomnia, high stress and anxiety due to excessive levels of the stress hormone, cortisol in my system - I am learning how to incorporate rest and relaxation into my life life never before and have been slowly stepping back from the very open and "public" life I've led before. After opening up and sharing about my experience, it's amazing how many women have reached out to me with similar conditions, believing they have been all alone in their fight to reclaim their health. Through this experience, I desire to point people to the One who can heal and answer prayers, His name is Jesus.

A new creation...

My life today is totally different than where I found myself in years prior. I am focused, committed and dedicated to living out my calling and not letting anything or anyone for that matter stand in the way of where the Lord wants to take me. I desire to deeply enJOY the life God has graciously gifted me and to live life to the FULLest each day. My prayer and hope is that my story will inspire and encourage others that it's never too late to let God lead your life, change your life or believe in your dream. As my favorite verse states (Jeremiah 29:11), "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" I believe in you, your dream and God does, too. 

I work with committed clients who want to break cycles of unbelief and Rise Higher

Using two methods I've developed called H.E.A.R.T. Equation™ and R.I.S.E. Technique™ I help clients - “R”ecognize, “I”dentify, “S”top and “E”rase these addictive cycles and anxious patterns that distract us from living the life we want. The H.E.A.R.T. Equation™ helps participants take a deep dive into their "H"ealth, "E"motions, "A"ttitude, "R"elationships and "T"rauma impacting their ability to believe in their dream. To hire Nicole to speak to your church, business or group, contact her here. For resources to help you step into the life you were born to lead™, check out books, Bee BADASS and Brilliant, Rise Higher and coaching services