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Many of you know me as the "LUX CHIX" and holistic branding coach behind this creative agency, teaching holistic healers to create confident brands. When I started my entrepreneurial journey I thought this was it. My business focus being branding, graphic design, marketing strategy, coaching, visibility and website development.

I never dreamed of creating a lifestyle brand around success, inner peace, or anything to do with being confident. But as I've learned, never say never. I've come to believe, the core essence of living a BADASS (passionate) and Brilliant (think for yourself) life comes down to one fundamental question...

What keeps us from living the life we want?

In my research and experience, two specific reasons stand out:

1. LACK OF INNER PEACE (defined as: freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility).

WHY? We struggle to push past negative self-doubt and cycles of unbelief. Based on previous life obstacles and fears, we keep ourselves in a mode of conformity and comfort. We decide our dreams are unattainable, keep to ourselves and push away the things that would bring us peace, FULLfillment and ultimately, success.

2. LACK OF CONFIDENCE (defined as: the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust).

WHY? We trust everything or everyone else instead of ourselves. Instead of cultivating and claiming what we feel we must do, we let everyone else paint the picture for our future. From cradle to grave, we are more focused on what everyone else wants for our lives, our careers, our relationships, we are neglecting to connect with our own beliefs and convictions.


Nicole Zaagman helps entrepreneurs
step into the life they were born to lead™.

If you are still reading :) After living life almost 3 decades, I discovered I couldn't live life fully present or successfully by getting caught up in my own fears and cycles of unbelief. I knew something had to shift. My first catalyst came through an unexpected health crisis experienced when I was 22 that left me completely unconfident as it affected the physical appearance of my face (full story is in my book, Bee BADASS and Brilliant). After nothing seemed to help, turning to holistic and integrative therapies did the trick. A large reason I focus solely on working with passionate entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners. 

It took over 4 years for me to recover from this experience, even though the physical wounds healed, the wounds inside stayed with me much longer than I expected. Integrating yoga, meditation, writing, self-love practices, organic and paleo eating, deepening my relationship with Jesus and my spiritual practice as a Christian have all been essential pieces in my healing journey. Throughout my professional career, I've had experiences that shifted the way I looked at life and really made me rethink the way I was living. My second catalyst took place in 2013. One of my friends and creative teammates passed away from an unexpected accident. It shocked so many of us not only because of the suddenness of the situation, but because he was so young. In the last face-to-face conversation I had with him, he told me to follow my dreams and create my own business. He followed up that statement with, "You're a Rarity, Nicole." One of those moments that stick with you for a lifetime.

Since founding LUX CHIX in 2014, my life has been completely transformed from where it was previously.  It's been a truly exciting experience that's brought highs, lows and so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. My most recent catalyst took place in 2015. My entire immediate family moved cross country, to San Diego, California. My Maltese and certified therapy dog named Nickel moved there as well after being diagnosed with a rare blood platelet disorder and in late 2016 crossed the rainbow bridge. Among-st other things, the day before flying back from moving my childhood home over 2,000 miles away, my "adopted Michigan" grandfather passed away from cancer.

2015 broke my heart in so many ways not even mentioned and made me question everything I was doing with my life and career. I wondered if my dreams were really attainable and if I was worthy of the success I had envisioned for myself. As I began to pull back the layers of what took place in mere months, I knew I had to focus on rebuilding my heart, spirit and soul. It was a ongoing process, many days wondering who the hell I was anymore. God was so gracious and brought new connections in my life and lifted me up through friendships and mentors I was not expecting. Shortly after, I decided to not let the past hold me back and distract me from living the life I wanted.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
— Psalm 34:18

After taking some time to soul search I realized I was stuck in a cycle of unbelief. Those around me also pointed out the same thing. I had come WAY too far to step back and not continue on my journey and I wanted to Bee BADASS and Brilliant and Rise Higher just like I had encouraged my clients and followers to do. When I recognized this pesky pattern, I decided to break the cycle, drop the excuses and believe in myself. This website is a result of many weeks of seeking answers and praying for guidance. 

As a Confidence Coach, I work with committed clients who want to break their own cycle of unbelief and Rise Higher

Using a process I've developed called R.I.S.E Technique™, I help others - especially women - “R”ecognize, “I”dentify, “S”top and “E”rase these addictive cycles and anxious patterns that distract us from living the life we want. For resources to help you step into the life you were born to lead™, check out my book, Bee BADASS and Brilliant and coaching services

Success is Defined by the Journey within You!